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We should support President Trumps Execute Order for a travel ban. State courts have no business circumventing Homeland Security matters. Washington States ultra-liberal judges have shown they care less about its actual citizens’ rights and more for people not covered by the Constitution whom mean us harm. 

Our Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is likely oblivious to the fact that the building we both work in was a potential target on 911. I was called that horrible day and told not to come in by the building property management firm for fear of attack.

The president is operating under intelligence sources that are far more advanced than prior times; knowing the technology behind this information I trust its reliability. The TRO lifting the ban only functions to open travel in a narrow window of time where the terrorists have vowed to attack America; this window is all that is needed to allow radicals in to wreak havoc.

Instead of an all-encompassing lift of the ban why not focus on a vetting process for legitimate travelers to qualify through?

I don’t see how this ban would affect our economy in any way, show me the adverse numbers; you can’t as they don’t exist. The AG’s office itself has cost our State $11.2M in one case alone last year, $1.2 million was in penalties for deleting over 1000 emails (using Hilary’s playbook?) relating to Washington state’s actions which contributed to the death of 43 people in the Oso landslide case.

Bob Ferguson you have endangered us all again, shame on you.

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